Our Mission and vision

The Hope to Heal Foundation is one that is built on Hope, Love and, Life, foundered by Ms Seema Naidoo.

Being involved in charity work unoffically for over 20 years and with a great deal of perseverance and determination, I have decided to take a step forward in doing more to uplift victims suffering in silence, due to crimes of circumstance and crisis

HTH is a non-profit organisation. Our mission is to reach out to people, not just women and children but also male victims, who are being affected by these crimes and to show them that they are loved and deserve to live a life free from violence and abuse. We provide quality, compassionate, confidential and reliable services. We give victims hope to heal so they can move forward from their trauma and from injustice they have been subjected to. We are the voice that speaks up for those who are suffering in silence and advocating to bring an end to these crimes that are affecting people’s lives.

❖ Human trafficking
❖ Child Abuse
❖ Rape
❖ Bullying
❖ Teen Suicide
❖ Domestic violence
❖ Mental Health Issues (Depression, Anxiety)
❖ Teen Pregnancy
❖ Substance Abuse
❖ HIV/ Aids. 

We work for social change through:

  • Educational awareness programmes
  • Service collaboration
  • Institutional advocacy and awareness


Using self-help, empowerment approach, we provide, counselling, Mediation, Legal assistance, Workshops, Team Building, Educational awareness programs at schools and support service for victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Our belief is that we need to provide practical tools to aid change and to bring about long lasting development. There will be a drastic change through Educational Awareness programs.

The three spheres of impact:

Knowledge is Power – We aim to equip children from a young age about domestic violence and child abuse by providing workshops and literature and awareness programs to schools. Children who are witness to domestic violence have twice the rate of psychiatric disorder as children from non-violent homes. Some children grow up taking abuse into their adult life.

Teenage pregnancy has become a serious problem in South Africa. Through school workshops and literature, we are hopeful to overcome this.
We need more Men Figures, to stand up in support advocating against domestic violence and child abuse. Through this support, there will be drastic change. Men, by remaining silent through generations to generations of domestic violence and child abuse, this epidemic continues to grow by the second. Caring deeply is not enough. Men owe this to their children, especially to their sons.


Our hope lies in the future generation

Educating children from a young age about these crimes as many of them are unaware of them and cannot identify them thus resulting in them becoming victims. Children need to be thought emergency numbers in case they or someone they know are being affected by these crimes.

Many children who are witness to domestic violence have twice the rate of psychiatric disorder than children from non-violent homes. In order to alleviate these odds, we must ensure that abusive behaviour is not carried into the victim’s adult lives. We appeal for commitment and leadership from state enterprises, schools, universities, and the community in order to bring change and to be unapologetic in their pursuit of this. Through our awareness workshops, we aim to achieve, which will be implanted in schools throughout South Africa.


We provide;

  • Counselling
  • Mediation
  • Legal assistance
  • Free Workshops & Seminars
  • Outreach
  • School Awareness programmes and guides
  • Team building
  • Life skills
  • Community infrastructure

We work with passionate people who want to combat and work against the struggle of these crimes. We are not only a foundation that calls on the public to open their eyes to these very serious issues but one that is practically innovative and uses technology, learning methodology and takes a genuine interest in people. We do not look at the masses, we look at the individual. What makes us unique is that we are immovable in our standpoint that atrocities can never be regarded as the norm or an everyday occurrence. We have a responsibility to be shocked by the ill-treatment of people and to not become desensitized to the pain and suffering of others. Instead, Hope to Heal Foundation offers a solution to improve, educate and rehabilitate people to lead happy and healthy lives.