A Message of Hope for the Festive Season and 2022

With 2021 drawing to a close, people are preparing for their annual vacation to spend time with loved ones. It’s been another tough year for every industry, but the hardest hit were non-profit organisations like us. Financial support has been challenging however, we have so much to give thanks for regardless of all that is taking place in South Africa and around the world.

Through a very kind donor who wishes to remain anonymous, we established our first Wellness Centre, providing professional trauma informed services and rehabilitation programmes for victims and survivors of human trafficking. We could not have achieved this milestone without his kind and generous support. Thank you, kindly Sir, for transforming our vision into reality.

A special thank you to Mr David Cohen from Checkmark, Sandton who has stood by us in support since 2020. We look forward to working together for years to come.

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all our sponsors and donors for your kind support during 2021 and we look forward to your continued support. As a non-profit organisation, we simply cannot fulfil our role without the support from corporate and people in the private sector.

SUPPORT OUR WORK – Our Mission is for all people to live free from exploitation, violence, and abuse.

By donating to the Hope to Heal Foundation, you give us the ability to sustain our projects to secure global progress, helping create a world free from Exploitation, violence, and abuse, to provide trauma informed services for survivors of human trafficking, gender-based violence, and child abuse.

If we all can work together in unity and solidarity and take personal responsibility to play our part in the fights against exploitation of people, violence, and abuse, we have hope for a peace.

Wishing you and your family a season that’s filled with peace, joy, happiness and bright with the light of God’s love. Have a magical holiday season. May you begin the new year with renewed strength and Hope.

Yours Sincerely

Ms. Seema Naidoo

Founder and CEO