Human trafficking is one of the fasted growing organised crime in the world whereby criminals steal freedom for profit. Millions of people of all ages, race and origin globally are trapped in modern day slavery and exploited in the most heinous manner, leaving victims and survivors traumatised due to the abuse, and drugs, resulting in them suffering from mental health issues. Sadly, thousands do not survive due to drug overdose, physical abuse, torture, murder, and suicide.
The COVID-19 pandemic has opened a breeding ground for criminals to exploit and profit from the most vulnerable people in society. During level five of lockdown, globally we detected a surge in cases. The UN has predicted a rise in child labour due to the economic crises resulting from COVID-19. It is in the hands of every person to protect children from being exploited.
The Hope to Heal Foundation is the first point for survivors before cases are handed over for investigation. Working with Human Trafficking cases over the past few years, Seema Naidoo the Founder of the Hope to Heal Foundation identified little or no trauma services for victims and survivors. Her greatest concerns are rehabilitation and reintegration of survivors into society. Should they not receive the proper trauma informed services and care, victims and survivors are at risk of being exploited and living with mental health issues. Every victim and survivor have a massive impact in communities and society at large.
Seema Naidoo stepped in to fill the gap by opening the first Wellness Centre in South Africa, The Hope to Heal Wellness Centre: “where Healing begins, and Dignity is restored”. The Centre has been created to bring holistic healing to victims and survivors of human trafficking and to facilitate their effective re-integration into society. Through partnerships with Professionals’, the Centre will be offering a bouquet trauma informed services and programmes. Our goal is for victims and survivors, to live an independent healthy lifestyle and to be leaders in society.

The programmes and training are educational and therapeutic. The beautiful, landscaped garden will be used for outdoor counselling, activities like yoga, meditation or just relaxation. We also created an outdoor gym area as physical wellness plays a vital role in one’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Apart from providing housing and trauma informed services and programmes, we need to ensure our monthly expenses are met – Utilities, Salaries, Maintenance of the property, Meals, Medical care, Toiletries, Stationery and printing, Electronics, Telephone, Travelling expenses etc.

We have come so far in translating our conceptual Vision into a beautiful, tranquil reality, through generous donations, partners, and service providers. For our effective operation of the Wellness Centre, we require committed support and partnerships from Corporate SA, Global Funders and people in the private sector, so that Victims feel respected, honoured and physiologically secure. We hope that the purity of our intent can be felt and that this message is ministering to your heart. Through your kind support and partnership by means of funding and donations, we can reach our full potential in ensuring that each survivor is loved and well taken care of. Should you wish to partner / sponsor / fund, kindly contact us on or telephone +27 11 789 067461.

I would like to thank our funders and donors who saw value in the project and stepped in to support the project. Your contribution is going to a well-deserved project. I am forever grateful for your kindness and continued support.

Thank you kindly for your support.
Yours in Hope,
Seema Naidoo
Founder and CEO