Primrose Hill Primary School has 869 children.

Hope to Heal Foundation adopted to feed 96 children at the school since January 2019. These children come from homes who are unable to provide a lunch pack for their children. Without a nourishing meal, children are unable to stay focused in the classroom thus this affects their performance academically.

The Feeding Programme is currently funded by Seema Naidoo. A few schools have heard about the programme and have reached out to us for help but we are unable to commit to other schools because we do not receive any funding or outside help. We welcome you to sponsor or donate towards this programme, so we are able to do more for the children from other schools.

A simple thing as providing 1 meal to a child can make a massive difference in a child’s life. It is always a blessing to be able to do things to uplift people in society, especially little children as they are so innocent. Through your support, together, we are able to do so much more to uplift children with a simple act of kindness, by providing them with a healthy fresh meal.