Second outreach and food drive for the month of April 2020 for Riverlea

Today marked our second outreach and food drive for the month of April 2020 for Riverlea. Since we collectively made it our mission to flatten the curb and soften the blow from the impact that Covid-19 is taking our world, communities and this financial year at hostage.

We are grateful, through the support from Waverly CAN, our team has managed to reach 50 families with much needed food aid and 25 mums with babies in Riverlea. With us, there is always room to do more and reach a broader mass of people. With a larger scale of aid and resource, this will be possible.

The parcels of food we donate, aim to provide a two-week relief buffer, in order to keep families indoors, safe and healthy. Rather than outside scouting for their next meal or committing crimes to feed themselves and their families. Through support, we would also like to extend our parcels to include, sanitary and household items and not just limited to the basic of food items. Babies still need nappies and formula, teenage girls still need sanitary wear, clothing and dishes still need to be washed. Children and family pets alike still need to eat. In short, life goes on despite this lockdown or lack of finance to deal with the most basic requirements of everyday life. That is where we come in, to try and bridge the gap and restore human dignity as best we can through one outreach mission at a time. We cannot do it without your kind support. Your help allows us to help and impact lives more than you could ever realise.

Thank you kindly Waverly CAN for your partnership giving HOPE to the vulnerable.

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