North police warn residents of human trafficking

As the police we urge the members of the community to be vigilant for false recruitment.

Constable Portia Sebone

human trafficking awareness campaign was held in Soshanguve recently.

Soshanguve police teamed up with the CPF and other stakeholders to host the event at the Glory Ministry Church on Thursday.

Constable Portia Sebone said the event updated the community on how to avoid being a victim of human trafficking.

“The relevant stakeholders indicated that men, women and also children can be trafficked for a large variety exploitation purposes such as labour, illegal adoption, prostitution and also harvesting of body parts and other reasons,” said Sebone.

Sebone urged the public to be vigilant when applying for jobs.

“As the police, we urge the members of the community to be vigilant for false recruitment – verify that the company do exist and also avoid taking lifts from strangers.”

Founder and director of Small Voice Human Trafficking Jacqueline Fourie offered the following tips especially for teenagers to follow to be safe:

– Do not post/send/share intimate photos or information.

– Remember: if you wouldn’t say it or do it in public, don’t post it online.

– Do not post photos you do not want a trafficker to see or where you are going/time you are going away.

– Do not post personal details, including phone numbers, home address, and the name of your school.

– Do not accept every “friend” request – try to only accept friends’ requests from people you know in real life.

– Just because you know someone on the internet, does not mean that you actually know them – do not agree to meet them alone. If you do want to meet them, arrange to see them at a busy place (eg mall) and never alone.

– Once posted, always posted: protect yourself on social networks. What you post online stays online.

– Tell someone if an individual online makes you feel uncomfortable.

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