I am humbled and blessed to be nominated for the Women of Stature Awards 2019. The unlimited hours I put in the projects and programmes to uplift society are being acknowledged and appreciated, thank you kindly. I have accomplished much more than many well established and funded organisations and it is only through Gods Blessings.  With no external financial support, lack of volunteers and lack of staff, it was challenging but I remain focused on my vision, making a difference in society by uplifting the lives of the helpless, hurt and broken people, who are suffering in silence due to crimes of circumstances and crisis. Having people see value in the Hope to Heal Foundation and lending support is far more rewarding than any award.

Hope to Heal Foundation’s programmes and projects are simple, unique and impactful.

I am on a mission, and that is to get all NGOs/NPOs, Corporate, Private sector, to partner with Hope to Heal Foundation, so together we can create a larger impact in society by helping the hurt and broken people to heal and move forward in life from the injustice they experienced.  

I am trusting that this platform, “Women of Stature” directors, member and the nominees, will come on board the National Talk for Freedom 2020, lending support and being actively involved in the event.

Thank you, kindly Woman of Stature Directors and members for my nomination.

Seema Naidoo