HOPE TO HEAL FOUNDATION spearheads an historical 2020 discussion towards committed global and national responsiveness for immediate state intervention towards Crimes of Circumstance.

National Talk for Freedom (NTFF) 2020, is the first event of its kind! It’s responsive to the growing increase in Gender Based Crimes and the growing increase to its normalizing and State tolerance. As the Pandemic increases, so does the demand for comprehensive survivor support which is currently direly lacking. NTFF is making a Global Call to Government Officals, NGO’s/NPO’s / Corporates/ Media & People of Prominance to unite & fight for the humane treatment of ALL! NTFF will provide the global platform to collectivize & co-ordinate empowerment efforts, driven by a unified purpose: to end all crimes of circumstance. NTFF envisions to discuss and practicalize preventative and restorative mechanisms for Victims of Crimes of Circumstance as well as seriously promote a culture of consequence against such crimes. Slavery and Apartheid have changed their face: it’s now dressed as FEMICIDE!  


Serial female deaths appear to elicit episodic bouts of Government’s attention, always reactive. Each individual within South Africa is being called to task: to Unite our Voices and Hearts in order to execute Restoration & Healing and restore Principled- Centred Living. If we never bring an end to the waves of Atrocities committed Against our Innocent, Our Vulnerable and Our Loved Ones, we will continue to silently consent to the level of escalating perpetration.  It’s time we awaken from our Slumber of unconscious, blindfolded living and recognize that we can no longer say, ‘’it didn’t happen to me” or “it won’t happen to my mother, wife, sister, aunt or child.” No longer can we sit back as a Nation and draw ourselves into our cocoons of false comfort and concealment so that we do not face the real truth, the real crisis. Global Sports Events and Entertainment receive more hype and attention and very often mask and underplay the REAL ISSUES at stake, such as Gender Based Violence.


NTFF is seriously appealing to Government; every person of influence; every NGO and every individual in our Corporate & Finance Sectors to courageously speak your truth and align your Voice and Hearts to the common call for TRUE DEMOCRACY & REAL HEALING in which those living in sexual captivity or the relics of sexual captivity and dehumanization will be set free and experience justice, support and real healing. It’s time to address all forms of vulnerability proactively and powerfully, the vulnerable being: those affected by Violence, Femicide, Mental Health, Bullying of our Defenseless, Rape, Child Abuse, Human Trafficking, HIV/Aids, Suicide, Murder and Teenage Pregnancies.



NATIONAL TALK FOR FREEDOM 2020 calls ALL HEADS of STATE & all other critical, strategic stakeholders to join the two-day Summit to work together and collaboratively find sustainable preventative, restorative and rehabilitative solutions underpinned by the principle that there will be ZERO TOLERANCE for VIOLENCE AND ABUSE TOWARDS ANY PERSON. Formal Invitations to the NTTF Official Opening are to follow. The official opening of the NTFF, will take place towards the end of March next year where after discussions and interventions will happen in each Province throughout the year, details of respective venues and details to follow. Sponsorship and fundraising are inevitable as accessibility to SUPPORT FOR ALL at the free Provincial Talks and Interventions are core.

The platform of speakers on the tour will be professionals and victims discussing the various aspects of various crimes. A Multi-Disciplinary Support Team will be available at each Provincial Event to assist survivors who require emotional, legal and other support on that day. This platform will serve to create awareness, empower and reach those who circumstantially and traditionally cannot afford to reach out and find themselves voiceless due to a lack of resources.

We have developed a unique SOFTWARE PROGRAMME to record all cases during the National Talk for Freedom 2020 Tour. The system will compile data, identify the major crisis, prioritize areas of support, close follow-up loops and monitor progress. We are calling for support from Professionals; Doctors; Lawyers; Trauma Counsellors and other relevant professionals to come on board to offering their services voluntarily at the respective Provincial Events.


Should you want to come on Board or donate in any way, please contact:

Seema Naidoo:  078 906 7461

Email – events@hopetoheal.org.za

For more information on the other strategic intentions of the 2020 National Talk to Freedom, please visit our website:



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