Hope to Heal Foundation had the privilege to visit Hospice & Rehabilitation Centre in Alexandra on Nelson Mandela and to give to those who are really helpless and most of time ignored. It was so hot warming to see the joy and happiness our presence and donation of 30 blankets brought to their faces. Such a simple gesture gave them love and hope. We received a welcome by the staff and residents of the centre.

Hospice has been around for many years and the building is in fact a heritage sight. They provide health care services for those in need who can not care for themselves or have anyone to care for them. At Hospice the staff provide a loving, caring, safe and warm service to all residents. All residents are provided with accommodation, food, health services and assisted to and from clinic visits. Providing their services here is hard work but very rewarding.  What a wonderful experience and a great way to spend Nelson Mandela Day giving hope to those poor helpless souls.