Juliet Ohahuru-Obiora

Mrs. Juliet Ohahuru-Obiora is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and long-term intimate partner violence.

Mrs. Juliet Ohahuru-Obiora is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and long-term intimate partner violence. She founded Action Against Child Sexual Abuse Initiative (ACSAI)  in 2016, a platform to further contribute to the fight against child sexual abuse and building a more gender-equitable world. Juliet has a Bsc. in Economics from the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State Niveria and is currently pursuing an MBA with the Swiss Management Centre,Switzerland.

Sponsor- A -School Project: Early Childhood and Adolescent Sensitization Project Against Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

The early childhood and Adolesecence Sensitization Project   Against  GBV is an educational project of Action Against Child Sexual Abuse Initiative (ACSAI) that empowers children through books to fight against sexual violence and promotes knowledge on building a more gender-equitable world. Children who are sensitized during childhood on the ills of gender inequality will be more gender sensitive.. Our primary goal for the Early Childhood/Adolescent Intervention project is to promote consumption of  gender sensitive books with inclusive content that African children can relate to and understand easily, further contributing to a growing generation of boys and men with a gender-sensitive mindset.

Most school systems in Africa are gender biased and promote gender-discriminatory learning approaches. To overhaul this system, we must make conscious efforts to promote content that is gender sensitive. The Sponsor- A-School Project provides access to these gender sensitive childrens books in school libraries and to children sponsored by individuals and organizations. This aims to awaken conscious thoughts on promoting a more gender-sensitive pedagogy framework for schools.

If you are interested in sponsoring these books to any part of Africa, please visit our website www.acsaing.org  for more information. You can also send an email to info@acsaing.org or call +`247031890444.


Roar Bold Voices  Storybook

My Body Belongs To Me – Activity-based Colouring Book

Madu The SuperhumanComicbook

Roar Bold Voices – This is a storybook written by Juliet Ohahuru- Obiora, which aims to empower children with the right words and actions to overcome sexual violence. Children are fascinated by storybooks and easily memorize stories and their characters. Because most children love to emulate characters in stories and fiction, we believe they will also be triggered to remember the characters in this book and how they overcome sexually violent experiences.

Roar shares a story centered around a young Muslim girl who was courageous enough to overcome sexual abuse, through her lived experiences she inspired her friends to make decisions that protects them against sexual violence.

My Body Belongs To Me – This is an affirmation workbook written by Amarachi Igboegwu. This workbook provides affirmative words for children designed to empower them against sexual violence. Affirmations are self-assuring and provide psychosocial support to these children. Positive affirmations empower children morally and improve their productivity and sense of responsibility.

These self-affirming words are supportive to both victims and survivors of sexual violence in building back self-esteem and self-worth. Learning is more effective when children play alongside and this workbook provides an opportunity for children to actively create and colour images about their affirmations which personalizes these experiences and leaves a lasting memory.

Madu (The Superhuman)–  This is a comic book also written by Juliet Ohahuru-Obiora that harnesses the power of empathy to sensitize boys on the injustice of toxic masculinity and promotes the concept of gender equity. The idea of “boy child supremacy” can be mitigated if more boys can be sensitized through education to understand how unfair and unjust it is to discriminate against other genders.

Madu leverages fictitious characters that are exciting to boys to comically dramatize the importance of being sensitive to gender norms that are harmful to girls.